disko 1-bThe Japanese martial-art term Zanshin refers to a mental state that unites ultimate concentration with simultaneous relaxation while keeping one's spirit in the present rather than the past or future.

KontraSax selected Zanshin as the title of their most recent CD to reflect their goal of spontaneous, communicative improvisation that encompasses simultaneous tension and reduction of tension. The integration of Indian percussion player Arup Sen Gupta helped KontraSax's two musicians balance meditative and percussive elements. The multiple colours of Zanshin stem from its multiple constellations of soprano and bass, tabla and bass clarinet, and the three together, playing percussively and melodically at once and in alternation. The music of Zanshin can be frenetic
yet remarkably meditative. Zanshin is the third JHM production of KontraSax.

This CD can be ordered at JazzHausMusik