Live-DVD-Production/Anniversary Concert: 20 Years of KontraSax
(Georg Ruby)

... virtuoso dialogue, rousing enthusiasm, they have been playing together for 20 years as a working band and part of their personal self-concept, perhaps in the form of a life-long-lasting musical relationship. It is plain to see: this artistic affinity, sometimes turbulent career in musical understanding and communication.

Marianne Kierspel

The Cologne duo KontraSax is a female, long-lived ensemble and as such is something special in the jazz scene.

Beate Schenk

…with just one instrument 
each these two musicians create sound art that is full of color and variety…

Heft 16, (Elke Bartholomäus)
KontraSax: Zanshin, JHM 130, Köln

If Scheherazade had not had words, she might have danced her stories instead and they might have sounded like the musical story-telling improvisations of Christina Fuchs (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet) and Romy Herzberg (double bass) on the latest album of their duo "KontraSax."

melodiva/online-magazin (Angela Ballhorn)
CD: Zanshin, JHM 130

… Zanshin is a Japanese martial-art term.

CD: KontraSax plays Gertrude Stein, JHM 96

"... the final CD to be discussed is the production, "KontraSax plays Gertrude Stein", which is a celebration of spirit.

Peter Niklas Wilson, Jazz-Podium
CD: KontraSax, JHM 74

KontraSax - double bass and reeds. A variety of stringed, plucked and percussion techniques vibrate the wooden body, then choked breath percussive power of soprano, alto saxophone and bass clarinet.