Heft 16, (Elke Bartholomäus)
KontraSax: Zanshin, JHM 130, Köln

If Scheherazade had not had words, she might have danced her stories instead and they might have sounded like the musical story-telling improvisations of Christina Fuchs (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet) and Romy Herzberg (double bass) on the latest album of their duo "KontraSax."

The title "Zanshin" is Japanese, which refers to an "inner state of simultaneous utmost concentration and complete relaxation." In this music that Zen thought becomes audible. The absence of a harmony instrument creates a meditative atmosphere and space for improvisation. 

The two musicians, who are well-tuned to each other, 
create intense dialogues, sometimes through energetic rhythms, 
sometimes in floating time.

A harmony inspired by Arabic influences meets European "cool," evoking the expansiveness of North African deserts.