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CD: Zanshin, JHM 130

… Zanshin is a Japanese martial-art term.

 Zanshin refers to a mental state that unites ultimate concentration with simultaneous relaxation. This mental state is expressedin the compositions of saxophonist Christina Fuchs and double-bassist Romy Herzberg; the music is relaxed and yet very focused. Of course, the instruments KontraSax play remain the same: soprano saxophone and bass clarinet and double bass, but another door is opened by Indian percussion on two of the CD’s compositions.

Saxophone and double bass are linear instruments. Harmonic structures can be expressed through double stops and multiphonics, although of the music is implied rather than stated. That leaves a lot of freedom for the musicians to improvise. Indeed, Herzberg and Fuchs are not afraid to produce pitchless sounds and noises. At one moment you hear key clicks. A moment later the bass is used as a percussion instrument.

Zanshin is the modern music of two experienced and "fine tuned" musicians. The music offers a unique acoustic

CD Kontrasax Zanshin, 9 tracks, rec September 2003 Köln, prod by the musicians

Spieldauer: 47:13, Jazzhausmusik